Functions of the Board

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 The main functions as set out in the Cashew Act No. 18 of 2009 is as outlined below:-
  •     To advise the government on policies and strategies for the development of the Cashew industry.
  •     To promote the development of cashewnut production, processing and marketing.
  •     To assist directly or through financial support the research and development of Cashew Industry.
  •     To regulate and control the quality of cashewnuts.
  •     To collect, refine and maintain, use disseminate information or data concerning the Cashewnuts Industry.
  •     To promote and facilitate the formation of associations (or other bodies) related to or dealing with Cashewnut Industry and coordinate their activities.
  •     To make and enforce Cashewnut Regulations.
  •     To provide consultancy and technical services to cashew farmers, processors, buyers or exporters.
  •     To represent the Government in International Forum.
  •     To carry out other tasks that are associated with improvements in cashew industry as need arises in the course of time, such as:
  •     To register or license Cashewnut Growers, Buyers, Sellers, Processors and Exporters.
  •     To grant licenses and permits for buying and exporting of cashewnuts.
  •     To appoint inspectors for inspection of Cashewnut farms; processing facilities, warehouses and any other facility that may be inspected for the better carrying out of the provisions of the Cashewnuts Industry Act. 2003.