Cashewnut industry has several stakeholders within and outside the country. However, the key stakeholders are categorised as follows


This group of stakeholders is dominated by small holder farmers with average of 2 hectares per household.

Agricultural input Suppliers

These are companies dealing with important and distribution of agricultural inputs to farmers

Exporters/ Importers

These are medium-scale and large-scale national national and multinational companies dealing with raw cashewnuts, kernels and other cashew products

Netherless, other stakeholders/clients that CBT endeovers to satisfy their aspirations and expectations include the following:-

  • Politicians
  • Processors and traders
  • Government
  • Other agricultural Sector Ministries
  • Local Government Authorities (LGA's)
  • Researchers
  • Investors/Financiers
  • Employees
  • Civil society Organizations
  • Development partners
  • Public
  • Government Agencies
  • Cooperative Unions
  • Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Unions(AMCOS)
  • Parliament